About Us

About us

YOGANIN – an overall lifestyle concept developed by Nina Thomas - incorporating yoga fitness for the body/mind alongside offering services that provide opportunities to build relationships, enhance our contribution to the community, wider society and world we live.

Through regular practice developing core strength, flexibility and balance that compliments and enhances any given fitness regime or simply one’s lifestyle.  Providing a foundation for a better connection with oneself and tools to improve both physical and emotional well-being.

Our method

Yoganin 4 All – offering dynamic yoga classes in both private studio and community settings. Holistic approach to personal well-being through dynamic, power yoga using Ashtanga foundations and Vinyasa techniques.
Yoganin 4 Life - Deeper exploration of the foundations of Yoga, The 8 Limbs, and the connection to oneself. 
Counselling/support services offered providing life coaching – exploring behaviour, lifestyle and ones contribution to and impact on others.
Develop Moral Currency™ - promote and embed kind and empathetic approach to life and business.  Building and promoting networks that support ethical investment, governance, social enterprise, community engagement, diversity and equality.

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